This week aims to design and produce something with a digital fabrication process not covered in another assignment, documenting the requirements that your assignment meets, and including everything necessary to reproduce it.

Intaglio PCBs?

Although I am not very skilled at fabricating electronics I am curious about exploring new and faster methods…

Project description

The vase symbolizes the creation of something beautiful from a difficult situation. The struggle caused by Covid-19 and the anxiety of being far from loved ones inspired the twisting heart shape.

The shape is generated by parametric design and the prototype was 3D printed in FabLab ESAN by Fab academy instructor Jorge Valerio.

For future iterations, the vase would be made of blown glass on CNC milled woodblocks.

3D by Luis M. Rodriguez

Michael Sorkin (1948–2020) elaboró esta combinación entre poema y reflexión sobre la responsabilidad de ser arquitecto. Aquí se mezclan de manera musical conceptos constructivos, historia, paisajes, sociología y cosmovisión con edificios y ciudades; también experiencias y pequeños placeres sin dejar de lado el componente humano de la arquitectura.

No pude…

Que la solución seguramente implica parques y libros más que al ejército.

Parque Biblioteca Fernando Botero. Medellín, Colombia —

Una situación insólita se viene gestando en la ciudad de Trujillo, en las últimas semanas el actual Alcalde ha convocado a una “Marcha por la Paz” para “solicitar” al gobierno central que el ejército salga a patrullar las calles. Esta marcha es una medida efectista como consecuencia de que el…

This assignment took several days to complete, including the design, prototyping and final fabrication of a small furniture-like functional object named Mesita Fab 1.1

Design process

The idea

The instructors suggested that for our first laser cutter assignment we should make a functional piece of furniture that can fit in the lab…

This assignment was part of the fab design program 2018 under the supervision of Vanesa Caycho & Daniela Viloria for the fab lab volunteer program. We’ll review the design and fabrication process for a small object about 2.5*2.5*2.5cm with 3d printing.

Design process
The design was made using Thinkercad online software…

Luis M. Rodriguez

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